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Cannabis Nutrient Deficiencies? Pest? Disease?

100% Accurate Images & Solutions make diagnosing Quick and Easy

Your pocket size Cannabis Pathologists

GrowDoc was created to identify the cause of sick cannabis plants. Whether your plant is wilting or showing symptoms on the leaves, GrowDoc will be there to determine the cause and tell you what needs to be done to fix it

Take a photo of your unhealthy cannabis plant

AI identifies the problem

Apply a solution and succeed with your plant

GrowDoc Features

Plant health checker

Scan History

GrowDoc crop diseases advisory

Male/Female scanner

Deficiency images from scientific studies

When your cannabis plant is showing signs of health issues, you want a solution as fast as possible. GrowDoc makes diagnosing easy. Featuring a database of 40+ cannabis plant issues and a robust AI system, One quick scan of your unhealthy cannabis leaf identifies the issue and gives you a solution.

Research Partners

Plant Problems

Nitrogen Toxicity
Iron Deficiency
Magnesium Deficiency

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